Team Performance – Inbound

Fieldname Description Datafield/ Formula Format
Team Name Name of the team
Agent Name Name of the agent Resource Name
Calls Presented Count of calls presented to agent Calls Presented
Calls Answered Count of calls handled by agent Calls Answered
Ring No Answer (RNA) Count of all calls presented to agent but was not answered and sent back to the queue RNA
Calls Abandoned Count of all calls abandoned in queue Calls Abandoned
Answered Rate Percentage of calls answered (Calls Answered / Calls Presented) * 100
Abandoned Rate Percentage of calls abandoned (Calls Abandoned / Calls Presented) * 100
Calls Transferred Count of all calls transferred to another agent Calls Transferred
Transfer Rate Percentage of calls transferred (Calls Transferred / Calls Presented) *100
Hold Calls Count of calls put on hold by agent Calls on Hold
Hold Rate Percentage of calls put on hold (Calls on Hold / Calls Presented) *100
Avg Hold Time Average time of calls put on hold by agent Avg Hold Time hh:mm:ss
Avg Talk Time Average time agent spent in talking with customer Avg Talk Time hh:mm:ss
Avg work Time Average time agent spend in wrapping up the call Avg Work Time hh:mm:ss
Avg Handle Time Average time agent spent in handling the call Avg Handle Time hh:mm:ss

Available Filters

  • Date Time
  • Inbound CSQ’s
  • Team
  • Agent