Team and Agent Performance-Chat

Fieldname Description Datafield/ Formula Format
Team Name Name of the team
Agent Name Name of the agent Resource Name
Chats Presented Count of chats presented to agent Chats Presented
Chats Answered Count of chats handled by agent Chats Answered
Chats Declined Count of chats declined by agent Chats Declined
Answered Rate Percentage of chats answered (Chats Answered / Chats Presented) * 100
Abandoned Rate Percentage of chats declined (Chats Declined / Chats Presented) * 100
Avg Accept Time Average time of chats accepted by agent Avg Accept Time hh:mm:ss
Avg Talk Time Average time agent spent in answering chat with customer Avg Talk Time hh:mm:ss
Avg Handle Time Average time agent spent in handling the chat Avg Handle Time hh:mm:ss

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