Lead Search

Fieldname Description Datafield/ Formula Format
Date Date of contact dialed by dialer Date  yyyy-mm-dd
Phone Number of the customer Phone
Agent Name Name of the agent AgentName
Agent Login ID Extension of the agent AgentLoginID
Campaign Name of the campaign Campaign
Team Name of the agent team Team
Call Start Time Time of the call when connected to the customer CallStartTime
Call End Time
Time of the call when disconnected by the
Call Duration Total duration of the call CallDuration hh:mm:ss
Talk Duration Talk duration of the agent TalkDuration hh:mm:ss
Hold Duration Duration of the contact while put on hold HoldDuration hh:mm:ss
Agent Disposition Wrap-up entered by the Agent WrapupData
System Disposition Outcome of the call marked by the system CallResult

 Available Filters

  • Date Time
  • Campaigns
  • Lead ID