Custom Call Variable CSQ – 30 Min

Note: Additional cost for custom database development and deployment of data replication connector will be charged.
Fieldname Description Datafield/ Formula Format
Date Selected date from filter Date yyyy-mm-dd
Custom Variable Value from custom variable of UCCX Custom Variable 3
CSQ Name Name of the CSQ CSQ Name
Interval Half Hour interval Time hh:mm:ss
Calls Presented Number of calls routed to the CSQ, regardless of whether an agent picked up the call or not Calls Presented
Avg Queue Time Average queue time for all calls routed to the CSQ. Avg Queue Time hh:mm:ss
Max Queue Time Longest queue time of any one call that was routed to the CSQ Max Queue Time hh:mm:ss
Calls Handled Number of calls that are handled by this CSQ. A call is handled if a caller is connected to an agent while queued for this CSQ Calls Handled
Avg Speed of Answer Avg time of how quickly contact is answered by an agent Total queue time / calls handled hh:mm:ss
Avg Handled Time Average handle time for all calls that the CSQ handled Avg Handle Time hh:mm:ss
Max Handled Time Longest handle time of call that CSQ handled Max Handle Time hh:mm:ss
Calls Abandoned Calls that are routed to the CSQ and are not answered by agent because the caller hung up or was disconnected Calls Abandoned
Avg Time To Abandon Average time the calls spent in the queue before being abandoned Avg Abandon Time
Max Time To Abandon Longest time any call spent in the queue before being abandoned Max Abandon Time
Max Abandoned Per Day Largest number of calls abandoned on a single day Max Aband Per Day
Calls Dequeued Number of calls that are queued for a CSQ and then dequeued from CSQ Calls Dequeued
Avg Time Dequeued Average time the calls spent in the queue before being dequeued. Avg Time Dequeued hh:mm:ss
Max Time To Dequeue Longest time any call spent in the queue before being dequeued Max Time Dequeued hh:mm:ss
Handled By Other Calls that are queued for more than one CSQ and then handled by another CSQ Handled Other
Calls Handled < SL Calls that are handled within the Service Level threshold. A call is handled when an agent picks up the call. Calls Handle In SL
% Service Level Service level percentage (Number of calls handled within the service level / Number of calls presented)
% Handled Handle calls percentage (Calls Handled / Calls Presented)
% Abandoned Abandoned calls percentage (Calls Abandoned / Calls Presented)
% Dequeued Dequeued calls percentage (Calls Dequeued/ Calls Presented)

 Available Filters

  • Date Time
  • CSQ Names
  • Custom Variable Values