Agent Performance

Fieldname Description Datafield/ Formula Format
Month of year Month
Selected Date from the filter Date
Agent Name
Name of the agent AgentName
Agent Login ID
Extension of the agent Extension
Login Time
Time of agent logged in to the MRD
Logout Time
Time of agent logged out from MRD
Name of the agent team Team
Campaign Name
Name of the campaign CampaignName
Connected Calls
Total outbound calls answered by the agent OutboundCalls
Login Duration
Total login duration LoginTime minutes
Ready Time
Total ready duration ReadyTime minutes
Not Ready Time
Total not ready duration NotReadyTime minutes
Reserve Time
Total time in reserve state ReserveTime hh:mm:ss
Talk Duration
Total talk duration TalkDuration hh:mm:ss
Hold Duration
Total hold duration HoldDuration hh:mm:ss
ACW Duration
Total duration while entering Wrapup data
Handle Duration
Total duration of outbound answered calls
HandleDuration hh:mm:ss
Avg Talk Time
Average talk time (TalkTime/CallsAnswered hh:mm:ss
Avg Handled Time
Average handle time (HandleTime/CallsHandled) hh:mm:ss
The percentage of time agent occupied for handling task out of total ready time
+ReserveTime)/(LogonTime – NotReadyTime)

Available Filters

  • Date Time
  • Campaigns
  • Teams
  • Agents