Whatsapp and SMS Chat

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Whatsapp and SMS Chat

Expertflow Hybrid chat allows you to connect to your customers through any chat channel (Viber, Twitter Direct Message, Facebook Chat,…), and integrate it these to your Cisco Contact Center. Optionally, you can add a chatbot of your choice to automate certain elements of a typical chat conversation.
Messaging via SMS and Whatsapp incur per-message fees payable to third parties. Expertflow can connect you directly to Whatsapp (=Facebook) and to a mobile operator if you have direct contracts. Alternatively, we also can interconnect to channel aggregators, such as MessagebirdTwilioinfobip or 360dialog , where there is the base fee to either Whatsapp or the mobile operator, plus an average country-dependent fee of 0.005 US$ per message to the aggregator.

Facebook/ Whatsapp

Whatsapp/ Message charges a country-specific fee per “Template Message”. Template messages are messages that companies send to initiate a conversation, after less than 24 hours of having received a message from a customer. This template message has to be approved by FB/ Whatsapp, and the fee is due to FB/ Whatsapp. This is independent on whether or not you have an agreement through an aggregator.

Some companies start using Whatsapp by going through an aggregator, and in parallel apply for a direct access at Facebook with the Whatsapp Business API (essentially to get the Template message approved).

Expertflow supports both the aggregators above, as well as a direct connection to the Whatsapp Business API. With the same license from Expertflow, you can start using Whatsapp first through an aggregator, and then switch to a direct connection if and when you are onboarded by Facebook.


Likewise for SMS, you can either go through one of the aggregators, or directly connect to the SMS Center of your local mobile operator through the SMPP protocol. We provide customized channel adaption in case the mobile operator has a proprietary protocol (see an example here with Swisscom). We have also integrated to GSM modems with SIM cards, but recommend their use only in countries where no alternative is available. Choosing a direct connection to your mobile operator, or via an aggregator is mainly a question of price.

Expertflow supports multiple SMPP versions, as well as a connection to a channel aggregator.

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