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A workforce management (WFM) tool allows your callcenter to guarantee a constant service level, and to reduce the overall costs.

The main cost of a callcenter are the agents. The main deliverable of a callcenter is a CONSISTENT Service level - what % of calls should be answered in how many seconds.

Call traffic changes over the day, the week, the months, holidays, and during local events.
Agent staffing should therefore be aligned with the expected voice traffic. Anything else will result in an irregular service level - the callcenter will a) deliver very long waiting times during certain periods, or b) agents wouldn't be used productively and wait for calls during other periods

A workforce management tool takes into account the following INPUTS in the drawing below:

Workforce Management


  • Agent data (skills per agent)
  • Shift models (working hours per shift or agent group, break times, scheduled trainings etc)
  • Forecasts, based on historical and real-time call statistics.
  • Agent preferences. Over a simple WWW-interface, agents can select their preferred working times and availability.


The OUTPUT of a WFM is a detailed shift plan, that staffs agent with the goal of reaching the same consistent service level throughout the day and using agents productively. The shiftplan has many options, such as:

  • Agents will then see on their WWW-interface when they are staffed, and when they are supposed to take breaks.
  • If the supervisors enables it, the agents can also trade shifts between each other over the same WWW-interface.

=> Accurate call volume forecasting, optimised agent scheduling, and improved intra-day management can save up to 30% of manpower related costs in contact centres. It also frees the supervisors from spending a lot of time on scheduling so that they can focus on coaching the agents instead.

The average time until break-even on initial expenditure for workforce management solutions is 12 months (Source: Datamonitor).

Our WFM consultants will coach you In two on-site workshops, they will coach you not only on the best use of WFM, but also on reporting within the Callcenter in general, and can guarantee that reporting information from whatever source is consistently interpreted. They can advice you on reporting and planning tasks ranging from WFM to CRM to Qualitymanagement with Voicerecording to Callcenter Reporting.

Contact us via chat for a free online WWW-based demonstration of Workforce Management Solutions by one of our consultants!

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