Cisco CUIC ReportingCisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE, PCCE)

Reports generated for data originating from multiple sources, such as the Contact Center Quality Management, Workforce Management, Call Detail Records, Customer information from CRM or ERP systems.

Operational Reports with Cisco CUIC

Cisco CUIC (Unified Intelligence Center) is the native reporting tool of Cisco Contact Centers and comes with a variety of pre-defined reports and is the tool that satisfies most requirements.

Below is a list of all native CUIC reports.

Cisco CUIC reports that are shipped with a Cisco Contact Center

Customized operational reports

We can customize CUIC reports as per your business requirements. Here is a series of CUIC reports that you can easily add to your CUIC installation. You can find the installation guide here: User Guide for the Cisco CUIC Reporting Application.

Note: We can optionally offer the installation as a service of customized reports on your system either via WebEx or VPN. The service will be charged on a T&M basis.

Customized operational reports are also available so that users can manage daily business processes such as current performance metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs), custom reports can be both real-time or historical.

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