Chatbot / Artificial Intelligence
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)
A (Chat) bot can partially automate chats and any form of written communication, such as emails and scanned-in documents. This reduces the cost of responding manually. When the bot detects that it can’t recognize the user’s intent, it can handoff the chat to a human agent.

Exportflow provides the following services:

  • Unify multiple chat channels into one, both on the customer side (FB Messenger, App,..) and on the agent side (Slack, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Teams, CRM-specific that tool)
  • Configure Bots with Artificial intelligence objects (Intention / Action/ Entity), and adapt them to local languages if required.
  • Integrate with your back-office solutions, from where the bot can retrieve information to serve your customers (CRM solution, knowledge base, Q&A, document base, ERP..), and where he can implement desired actions.
<img class="img-responsive" style="margin: 30px 0;" src="/wp-content/uploads/artificial-intelligence-ai-chatbot-uccx-ucce-cisco.png" usemap="#image-maps-2017-12-20-032224" /> UCCX Media Routing CRM Integration SMS for Cisco Contact Center

Most importantly, Handoff from the bot to a contact center agent with media routing/ media blending. Most bots reach a point where they can’t answer the customer’s request and a handoff strategy is essential when deploying a bot. Media blending means that agents can serve alternatively voice calls or chat/ emails, depending on the volume of incoming requests. So if there are many Voice Calls, you could, for example, postpone answering temporarily to Emails or Chats, or the Chatbot could inform the user that he can’t answer this particular question, but that your company would be happy to call him back once an agent becomes available. It is also possible for a bot to run in parallel to a human agent, suggesting quick answers for the agent to select from. An agent can also serve multiple chats in parallel. Expertflow is an expert at managing these communication flows through the contact center.

Which bot / AI/ NLP framework?

Expertflow provides integration services for any of the major bot/ NLP/ AI frameworks, including Microsoft Botframework, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Google Dialogflow, Cisco Mindmeld and Facebook,

Once the (Unify, Configure, Integrate) work is done for one Bot framework, it can be carried over to another bot framework without much difficulty. Each framework has its strengths and weaknesses, and libraries/ components can be combined depending on for your particular use case and security requirements. The AI/ Bot industry is evolving very rapidly, and one needs to be open to improvements from alternative frameworks.

Most bot frameworks have a cloud-based pay-per-use version, so testing requires very little up-front investments.

Expertflow’s opinion is that the choice of a AI/ bot framework or particular libraries is secondary as they are replaceable. What is important, and what takes time is that you get your organization exposed to these technologies and related organizational questions early.

We also think that a bot framework can not run standalone - you need to have a strategy for handoff to humans.

Chat/voicebot Dialog (with Cisco Mindmeld)

Programming a bot (with Google Dialogflow/

  • Subscription to the bot framework of your choice
  • In case of Cisco UCCX, a license for Media-Routing from Expertflow
  • If you want a customer profile pops up on the agent side when he takes over a chat, a CRM connector from Expertflow
  • Expertflow Professional Services for integrations to chat channels and to configure the Bot/ AI solutions